Laptops for Classroom Use Request Form

We are now offering wireless laptops for classroom use in Hobart Hall. The laptops are for non-computer classrooms, unless you have an over flow past 24 students. Laptops can only be booked for individual days during the semester. To reserve, fill out our request form below. Our cap is 24 laptops. You will receive an email from Denise Giummarra, IRT, confirming your request.

To facilitate your class starting on time, have your students allow 15 minutes prior to class to check out the laptops in room 116:

  • Students need student IDs with Library bar code on the back (if not, have your students stop by the Library on campus, which takes 5 minutes, but it is an extra trip to main campus)
  • Remember, students need to go 15 minutes prior to class in order to get their ID scanned and laptop assigned.
  • After class students must shut down laptops and immediately return them to the STC in room 116.
  • Students will held responsible for damage, lose, and theft.

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