Technology Consultant Application

TCs are hired at the beginning of a semester, this application will be considered for the following semester.

In order for your application to be processed, you must fill out all of the requested fields. Filling out this application by no means guarantees you will be hired. This is just the first step in the process. The second step is to complete TC training. Completing the training by no means guarantees you will be hired. You will be hired once you complete a probationary period of 30 days. First semester Freshmen are not accepted into the TC program. To be considered for employment in the TC program applicants must be an undergraduate student, have a 2.5+ GPA and must maintain a 2.5+ GPA to remain employed.  Please bring a copy of your resume with you if you are called for an interview!

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Skill Survey

Are you a Resident or Commuter?

List any skills or attributes that can assist you as a TC:
Please indicate your fluency in the following programs and skills by rating yourself from 1-5
1 = I know what the software is and what it is used for.
2 = I have had some experience with software, but need training in it.
3 = I know how to use the commonly known uses of this software.
4 = I know this software pretty well, but do not know the more complicated aspects of it.
5 = I know this software proficiently
Leave blank if you are not familiar with the software.

MS Word
3D Studio Max
MS Access
PC HW Troubleshooting
MS Excel
MS PowerPoint
MS Publisher
Microsoft Outlook
Adobe Dreamweaver
Software installation
Adobe Flash
Adobe PhotoShop
Printer Troubleshooting
Adobe Illustrator
Omnipage / Text Scanning
Web Design
Image Scanning
Active Directory
Mobile Devices (iPad, Android, iPhone, etc.)
Media Services (Projectors, Document Cameras)
Cloud Services (Dropbox, Office 365, Google Drive, etc.)

Write one paragraph about a challenge that you faced and what you learned from it.