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Anthropology Resources


Frequently asked questions about a career in Archaeology in the U.S.
Archaeology @ About.com
Archaeology Film Reviews
National Archaeological Database
From the University of Arkansas and the National Park Service
ArchNet-WWW Virtual Library - Archaeology
Hosted by Arizona State University
Center for Old World Archaeology and Art
From Brown University

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Cultural Anthropology

Anthropology Collection Database
Anthropology collections of the Department of Anthropology, California Academy of Sciences
Anthropology on the web, a search engine that queries a database of over 40,000 reviewed sites with anthropological content. Has geographic indexing.
American Anthropological Association
Selected internet resources
We the people: American indians and Alaska Natives in the United States: Census 2000 Special Reports
A U.S. government report that provides a portrait of the American Indian and Alaska Native population in the United States and discusses the largest specified tribal groupsing, reservations, Alaska Native village statistical areas, and areas outside reservations at the national level.
African Voices
Smithsonian website featuring the history, culture and art of Africa.
Exploring Ancient World Cultures
An introductory, online text of ancient world cultures including Egypt, the Near East, India, China, Medieval Europe, Classical Greece, the Roman Empire and the Islamic World.
WWW Virtual Library - American Indians
Culture, history, education, art, language and more.
International, non-profit organization providing information about indigenous nations, peoples, and organizations.
Yahoo's directory of Cultural Anthropoloy
Links to ethnobiology, ethnography, medical and visual anthropology, kinship and language sites.
Mesoweb: An exploration of Mesoamerican Cultures
Links and articles devoted to ancient Mesoamerica and its cultures: the Olmec, Maya, Teotihuacano, Zapotec, Mixtec, Toltec, Aztec and others. "We reserve the word Mayan for the language and the word Maya for the people and their culture, ancient and modern." Hosts the Pre-Columbian Art Research Institute. Also has some information about Peru.

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General and Miscellaneous Links

Librarians' Index to the Internet Anthropology Resources
Librarian selected links
Theory in Anthropology
Trends, subdisciplines, biographies of influential anthropologists
Yahoo's News coverage of Anthropology and Archaeology
Current news

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University of Massachussetts List of Anthropology/Archaeology Associations
American Anthropological Association

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The Library provides access to a large number of electronic journals in history by subscription through several databases, and these can be browsed using the following links:

Anthropology Journals
Archaeology Journals

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Linguistic Anthropology
From Emory University
The Linguist List
LINGUIST maintains a web-site with over 2000 pages and runs a mailing list with over 19,000 subscribers worldwide. LINGUIST also hosts searchable archives of over 100 other linguistic mailing lists and runs research projects which develop tools for the field, e.g., a peer-reviewed database of language and language-family information, and recommendations of best practice for digitizing endangered languages data.
An examination of dozens of writing systems worldwide, from Hieroglyphic and Ugartic to Indus and Chinese to Cherokee and Zapotec. There is information about the origins, types, and families of writing systems and a discussion of the development of the alphabet; and information about phonetics (using the American Phonetic Alphabet). There are also sound files in Cantonese illustrating how its tonal system works. There are related links and a bibliography. Searchable.

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The University of Michigan Museum of Anthropology
Digital collections in ethnology, Asian, North American, Great Lakes, Old World, New World, physical, and ethnobotany subject areas
Anthropology Collection Database
A searchable catalog, with over 7,000 images, of a collection of 17,000 objects from "the indigenous cultures of western North America (exclusive of Mexico) and of the Pacific Rim, including all Pacific islands and East Asia." It includes tools, jewelry, toys, watercraft, and more. Descriptive information and photographs, if available, are provided. Searchable by category, object name, materials, maker's name, collection, culture, or geographic origin. From the Department of Anthropology, California Academy of Sciences.
American Museum of Natural History
Large world cultures collection
Phoebe A. Hearst Museum of Anthropology
Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology

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Physical Anthropology

Becoming Human
A joint project of Arizona State University’s Institute for Human Origins, documentary filmmaker Lenora C. Johanson, and Terra Incognita, this site is designed to teach a general audience about human evolution and the search for early hominid life in the field. The key feature of the site is an extensive Flash-driven, online documentary which includes a number of pop-up sub-exhibits that provide additional information and resources on various topics.
Fossil Humans: the evidence for human evolution
From the talk.origins newsgroup, the primary purpose of this site is to refute creationist claims that there is no evidence for human evolution.
The Smithsonian Institution Human Origins Program
This site provides an informative tour of the current state of human paleontology. A hypertext family tree of early human phylogeny helps you see not only the relations between various incarnations of human ancestors, but lets you click on parts of the timetable to examine fossil evidence and read about the discovery of and conclusions drawn from crucial skull bones and fragments. Another section allows you to examine three key fossilized skulls with QuickTime, so that you can rotate the skull and zoom in on key features.
Physical Anthropology Tutorials
A brief course in physical anthropology including modules on evolution, genetics, heredity, human variation, classification, primates, and hominids. From Palomar College.
Physical Anthropology Resources
A large list of links to PA associations, forensics resources and paleoarchaeology sites.
Midwest Bioarchaeology and Forensic Anthropology Association
Links to other PA and forensics sites.
Discovery of Early Hominids

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Systems Librarian & Library Liaison to the Anthropology Department
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