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African World Studies Resources

Bibliographies and Guides to Scholarly Literature

The African-American Experience: An Historiographical and Bibliographical Guide / Edited by Arvarh E Strickland and Robert E Weems. - Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 2001. - viii, 447 p. ; 25 cm. - Includes bibliographical references and index.
17 chapters cover major historical and contemporary themes that have received substantial attention from scholars of the African-American experience. Each chapter provides an essay offering a concise, helpful overview of the major writing on a topic, followed by a selected bibliography of sources for further research. An excellent starting point for several topics.
Call Number: REF E184.65.A37
African-Americans in Military History
Bibliography compiled by the Air University Library covers African-American participation in American wars from the colonial era to the present.
The Harvard Guide to African-American History African-American Experience: An Historiographical and Bibliographical Guide / Edited by Arvarh E Strickland and Robert E Weems. - Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 2001. - viii, 447 p. ; 25 cm. - Includes bibliographical references and index.
17 chapters cover major historical and contemporary themes that have received substantial attention from scholars of the African-American experience. Each chapter provides an essay offering a concise, helpful overview of the major writing on a topic, followed by a selected bibliography of sources for further research. An excellent starting point for several topics.
Call Number: REF E184.65.A37

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General Link Directories and Guides to African World Studies Resources Online

Africa South of the Sahara: Selected Internet Resources
One of the oldest comprehensive guides to Africana on the web, originally created for the African Studies Association. Maintained by Karen Fung, Curator, African Collection, Stanford University Libraries.
African Studies Center (University of Pennsylvania)
Comprehensive annotated directory of web-based resources covers all aspects of Africa.
Major news site for Africa posts over 700 stories daily in English and French and offers a diversity of multi-lingual streaming programming as well as a 400,000-article searchable archive (which includes the archive of Africa News Service dating from 1997).
An A-Z of African Studies on the Internet
Link directory maintained by Peter Limb at the Michigan State University Africana Library encompasses Internet sites and email/discussion list addresses and any other e-resources of relevance to Africa or African studies.
Virtual Institute of Caribbean Studies
Founded in 1997 by a group of concerned Caribbeanists, the Virtual Institute of Caribbean Studies (VICS) is an independent, New Jersey-based internet forum committed to stimulate, coordinate, and disseminate research on various topics relevant to the development of Caribbean peoples at home and abroad. Its web site includes the Institute's newsletter, various scholarly papers on Caribbean topics, a link directory, and other useful materials.

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Community/Economic Development and Social Service

African Economic Development

MBendi: Information for Africa
Based in South Africa, this website contains extensive reference information on countries and industry sectors, particularly oil and gas, electrical power, chemicals, mining and telecommunications, backed up by databases of companies, organisations, personalities, projects, facilities, events and publications.

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Caribbean Tourism

Cangonet (Caribbean Ecotourism List)
Cangonet is an electronic forum devoted to discussions and reference exchange on Caribbean ecotourism issues (including sustainable, alternative tourism and sustainable/community/social, cultural, rural, agricultural, etc. tourism). This site includes a searchable archive.
International Ecotourism Society
Dedicated to providing its members with information on "responsible travel." Important statistical information is available free of charge to researchsers via their Eco-Professional page and access to current items such as their publication the Observer.
Inter-Sectoral Unit for Tourism (Organization of American States)
A site dedicated to tourism activities and its impact on the region, the OAS commissioned the Caribbean Tourism Survey in order to garner relevant demographics and facts about the industry.
Sustainable Tourism (United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development)
The United Nations Economica and Social Council after declaring 2002 the International Year of Ecotourism has valuable resources available on its website regarding countries and the impact of tourism on develoment. The Commission on Sustainable Development provides some policy statements and documents that would be of interest.
Tourism Related Links
Useful directory of tourism links includes eco-tourism, government and professional organizations, news, research, statistics, and more. Site hosted by the Portuguese Institute of Technology.
World Tourism Organization
An organization dedicated to the study of tourism, this site provides useful research resources on the industry. Seek links likethe "Facts and Figures" and "Sustainable Development of Tourism."
World Travel & Tourism Council
Dedicated to enhancing industry performance, this site offers a variety of resources on countries, statistics and policy statements.

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Culture: Language, Literature and the Performing Arts

Language - Kiswahili

Hausa Home Page
Site devoted to the Hausa language, spoken primarily in Nigeria and other parts of West Africa. Includes a map of where Hausa is spoken, an online grammar, audio phrases, a list of resources, and information on dialects, pronunciation, writing, and Hausa poetry and song. From the University of California, Los Angeles. [Librarians' Index to the Internet]
Internet Living Swahili Dictionary (The Kamusi Project)
The Internet Living Swahili Dictionary is a collaborative work by people all over the world, working to establish new dictionaries of the Swahili language - Kiswahili - both within Swahili and between Swahili and English. The Kamusi Project is an undertaking of the Yale Program in African Languages and the Council on African Studies at Yale. [MERLOT]

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Contes Africains
African short stories written in French. Information on the oral tradition in African literature and on the genre of the conte africain. Bibliography and external links. [MERLOT]
Women of Color, Women of Words
"Dedicated to African American women who have gifted, shaken up, and disturbed the theatre world with their powerful words," this site features profiles of 19 playwrights, a listing of theatre companies with Web sites that perform African-American and multicultural theatre, a bibliography of critical resources and dissertations, information on current productions, and links. Created by Angela E. Weaver, a librarian at George Mason University. [Librarians' Index to the Internet]

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Visual and Performing Arts

African Art at the University of Central Oklahoma
Interactive exhibition of traditional art from West Africa. Each piece is described in its cultural context. [MERLOT]
African Music and Dance
This site is maintained by C. K. Ladzekpo at UC Berkeley. It includes valuable information about the culture and music of the Ewe people of Ghana, Togo, and Benin. The site includes many photos and video clips. [MERLOT]
Jacob Lawrence Visual Archive and Education Center
Jacob Lawrence (1917-2000) was "the first American artist of African descent to receive sustained mainstream recognition in the United States." Many of his paintings were on historical themes or inspired by the lives of historical figures such as Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman. This site includes images of his paintings, a biography, essays on Lawrence's artistic technique, a bibliography, links to related sites, and lesson plans. [MERLOT]
JazzWeb (WUNR-FM, Chicago)
From Northwestern University, this site is a gateway to information about musicianship, artists, events, and jazz labels on the web.
National Museum of African Art (Smithsonian Institution)
As a leading center for the visual arts of Africa, the National Museum of African Art (NMAfA) fosters and sustains - through exhibitions, collections, research, and public programs - an interest in and an understanding of the diverse cultures in Africa as these are embodied in aesthetic achievements in the visual arts. The museum accepts into its collections and exhibits the art of all African areas, including the ancient and contemporary arts for the entire continent. Its web site includes several digitzed exhibitions and many other resources on African Art.

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African-American History

The African-American Experience in Ohio, 1850-1920
This selection of manuscript and printed text and images drawn from the collections of the Ohio Historical Society illuminates the history of black Ohio from 1850 to 1920, a story of slavery and freedom, segregation and integration, religion and politics, migrations and restrictions, harmony and discord, and struggles and successes. Part of the Library of Congress' American Memory project.
African American Labor History Links
Links to Web sites, journal articles, book excerpts, and film citations and reviews about the history of African Americans in the labor union movement, Martin Luther King, Jr. and the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Workers' Strike at which he was assassinated, and African American history in general. Hosted by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, AFL-CIO. [Librarians' Index to the Internet]
The African Presence in the Americas: 1492-1992
Exhibition portfolio from the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture (New York Public Library) explores the "dynamics and dimensions of the 500 year history of African people" in North, Central, and South America and the Caribbean, focusing on themes of migration, work, culture, and resistance. Includes timeline (1000 B.C. to 1992), a glossary, information for teachers, bibliographies, and links. [Librarians' Index to the Internet]
Africans in America (1450-1865)
Companion site to the PBS series Africans in America (available on video, Call Number VC4600, Vols. 284-287). Traces the history of Africans in America in four chronological parts from 1450-1865. Topics covered include the beginning of the slave trade, the growth of slavery in the colonies, arguments justifying slavery, the development of abolitionism in the North, and debates and events leading to the Civil War. Each section includes a historical narrative; a resource bank of images, documents, stories, biographies, and commentaries; and a teacher's guide for using the content of the Web site and television series in U.S. history courses. The site's "Resource Bank" contains more than 400 items. [MERLOT]
Afro-Americans in New Jersey: A Short History, by Giles R. Wright
A "concise history" of issues related to New Jersey's laws and conditions of blacks since the seventeenth century. [New Jersey State Historical Commission]. You must have Acrobat Reader instralled on your machine to view this document. If you would like to see the printed version, the library has a copy available in New Jersey Documents collection with the call number 974.90H673 1988f.
Civil Rights in Mississippi Digital Archive
A project of the University of Southern Mississippi Libraries, this online collection currently features over 140 oral history transcripts on the civil rights movement, including the testimony of several civil rights leaders, Governor Ross Barnett, national White Citizens Council leader William J. Simmons, and State Sovereignty head Erle Johnston. Also included are letters from the Joseph and Nancy Freedom Summer Collection, four diaries of freedom school teachers in 1964, and some 500 items from the University's manuscript and photograph collections, totalling more than 7,000 pages.
Freedom's Journal Online
Freedom's Journal was the "first African-American owned and operated newspaper published in the United States. The Journal was published weekly in New York City from 1827 to 1829....All 103 issues of the Freedom's Journal have been digitized and placed into Adobe Acrobat format." From the library of the Wisconsin Historical Society.
From Slavery to Freedom: The African-American Pamphlet Collection, 1824-1909
A digitzed full-text collection of 397 pamphlets from the Rare Book and Special Collections Division of the Library of Congress, published from 1824 through 1909, by African-American authors and others who wrote about slavery, African colonization, Emancipation, Reconstruction, and related topics. The materials range from personal accounts and public orations to organizational reports and legislative speeches. Among the authors represented are Frederick Douglass, Kelly Miller, Charles Sumner, Mary Church Terrell, and Booker T. Washington. Part of the Library of Congress' American Memory project.
Slave Movement During the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
This site provides access to the raw data and documentation which contains information on the following slave trade topics from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries: records of slave ship movement between Africa and the Americas, slave ships of eighteenth century France, slave trade to Rio de Janeiro, Virginia slave trade in the eighteenth century, English slave trade (House of Lords Survey), Angola slave trade in the eighteenth century, internal slave trade to Rio de Janeiro, slave trade to Havana, Cuba, Nantes slave trade in the eighteenth century, and slave trade to Jamaica. Hosted by the Data and Program Library Service, University of Wisconsin-Madison.
"Steal Away, Steal Away...": A Guide to the Underground Railroad in New Jersey
Publication of significance to those interested in New Jersey locations identified as part of the Underground Railroad. Other items of note in this publication includes maps of the Railroad routes in the US, Canada and New Jersey. You must have Acrobat Reader instralled on your machine to view this document.

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African Politics

Contemporary Conflicts in Africa
This site provides an overview of, and annotated guide to information about current and historical conflicts in Africa. There are links to databases and reports provided by the United Nations, universities, broadcasters, and others. The "Conflict Issues" section covers such topics as peacekeeping and humanitarian operations, justice and human rights, and disarmament. Maps of each country in Africa are provided. [Librarians' Index to the Internet]
INCORE Internet Country Guides (Africa)
The Initiative on Conflict Resolution and Ethnicity's site has many guides available for conflict hot spots in Africa. These guides are selective, briefly annotated lists of links for news, maps, mailing lists, and general resources about each country. [Librarians' Index to the Internet]

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Social Science

Gender and Family Life

Institute on Domestic Violence in the African American Community
Site of the institute located in St. Paul, Minnesota, "focused on setting an agenda to reduce/eliminate domestic violence in the African American community." Contains background information on the institute, bibliographies (topics include Violence Against Women, Child Abuse and Neglect, and Black Males and Violence), hotline numbers, and issues of the newsletter Assembling the Pieces: An African American Perspective on Community and Family Violence. [Librarians' Index to the Internet]

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Racism/Sexism in the United States

Network of Alliances: Bridging Race and Ethnicity (NABRE)
NABRE (pronounced "neighbor"), an initiative of the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, is a network that links national and community-based organizations working across the country to bridge racial and ethnic divisions. Utilizing communications opportunities created by the information technology revolution, as well as traditional means of communication and interaction, NABRE enables these organizations to share ideas and experiences and to build mutual support. The web site includes several educational resources intended to serve NABRE's goals.
Southern Poverty Law Center
This organization combats hate, intolerance and discrimination through education and litigation. Includes Klanwatch and Militia Task Force, which monitor white supremacist and extremist activity, Legal Action, current and historical civil rights cases, and Teaching Tolerance, excerpts from this free to educators magazine, including an excellent, annotated, Recommended Reading list. [Librarians' Index to the Internet]
Virtual Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia
Take the virtual tour of the museum or browse through an array of material presented to "promote racial tolerance by helping people understand the historical and contemporary expressions of intolerance." Each cartoon, caricature, object, and image of African American stereotypes includes historical background notes. From Ferris State University, Big Rapids, Michigan. [Librarians' Index to the Internet]

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Last Updated: January 18, 2007