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Physics Resources

Directories of Online Physics Resources

Eric Weisstein's World of Physics
2,690 entries covering astrophysics, electromagnetism, fluid mechanics, modern physics, optics, states of matter, thermodynamics, and wave motion.
Association of College & Research Libraries - Key Physics Resources
Large collection of annotated links. General metasites, specialized indices, professional societies, laboratories, reference sources, e-journals, education resources, biographical sources, and links to discussion groups. Maintained by Laurel Kristick, physical sciences coordinator for Collection Development at Oregon State University.
Google Web Directory: Physics
Extensive directory of physics links from one of the largest search engines on the web.
Physics Index at Galaxy
A massive set of physics links.
Physics news, job, and resources from the Institute of Physics in the United Kingdom.
PhysLink: Physics and Astronomy Online
Comprehensive physics and astronomy online education, research and reference web site. Intended to provide high-quality content and a meeting place for professionals, students and other curious minds.
Web Physics Project
The Web Physics Project provides high-quality, HTML-based curricular material for physics from servers located at 11 participating institutions. Resources available through the participants include software, multimedia lessons in HTML format, distributed learning web courses, multimedia databases, and student projects in physics.
World Wide Web Virtual Library: Physics
Directory to online resources covers acoustics and vibrations, astronomy and astrophysics, beam physics and accelerator technology, high energy physics, nuclear physics, optics, and plasmas.

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Journal Literature Indexes and Preprint Sites

arXiv.org e-Print archive
Begun in 1991, arXiv.org is a fully automated electronic archive and distribution server for research papers in science. Subject areas include physics and related disciplines, mathematics, nonlinear sciences, computational linguistics, and neuroscience. You can retrieve papers from the archive by searching with its web-based search form, or by sending commands to the system via e-mail. This archive is based upon activities supported by the U.S. National Science Foundation with the Los Alamos National Laboratory, and by the U.S. Department of Energy.
The ingenta database provides bibliographic access to over 230 journals in physics and astronomy, plus convenient access to e-prints and free online journals, reference materials, notices of conferences, physics news, job and funding resource sites, and other materials. The database also enables you to take advantage of current awareness services (tables of contents alerts and automated searches) by creating a personal account. Please note that access to this database is restricted to currently enrolled students, faculty and staff.
Physics Preprints, Abstracts and Reports (Center for Scientific Computing [CSC], Finland)
CSC is the Finnish Information Technology center for Science, owned by the Ministry of Education. It provides modeling, computing, and information services for universities, research institutions and industrial companies. This page features its preprint index for physics.
PROLA (Physical Review Online Archive) - Abstracts Database (American Physical Society)
PROLA is the American Physical Society's Physical Review Online Archive. The free search engine provides citations and abstracts for all APS journal content back to 1893. In addition to the Physical Review, the database also indexes Physical Review Letters back to 1958, and Reviews of Modern Physics back to 1929. Full-text articles for records located in PROLA can be requested through Interlibrary Loan.
The ScienceDirect database offers full-text access to over 130 journals in physics and astronomy published by Elsevier Science and associated publishers, plus hundred of other titles in related physical science disciplines. Can be searched or browsed. Please note that access to this database is restricted to currently enrolled students, faculty and staff.
SPIN (Searchable Physics Information Notices) - Abstracts Database (American Institute of Physics)
The SPIN database (Searchable Physics Information Notices) provides the most current indexing and abstracting of major American and Russian physics and astronomy journals. SPIN contains abstracts for over 80 scientific journals published by the American Institute of Physics (AIP) and its Member Societies since 1975, as well as selected articles from other scientific journals, totaling close to 1 million articles. Full-text access within SPIN is limited to four AIP journals: Journal of Applied Physics, Journal of Chemical Physics, Review of Scientific Instruments, and Reviews of Modern Physics. To obtain articles for other records located in SPIN, please use our Interlibrary Loan request form. Please note that access to this database is restricted to currently enrolled students, faculty and staff.

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Physics Laboratories

European Organization for Physics Research (CERN)
CERN is the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, the world's largest particle physics centre. Here physicists come to explore what matter is made of and what forces hold it together. CERN exists primarily to provide them with the necessary tools. These are accelerators, which accelerate particles to almost the speed of light and detectors to make the particles visible. Founded in 1954, the laboratory was one of Europe's first joint ventures and now includes 20 member states.
Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory
The Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory advances the understanding of the fundamental nature of matter and energy by providing leadership and resources for qualified researchers to conduct basic research at the frontiers of high energy physics and related disciplines.
National Institute of Standards and Technology Physics Laboratory
The Physics Laboratory is one of the major operating units of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Its mission is to support United States industry by providing measurement services and research for electronic, optical, and radiation technologies.

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Physics Reference Works and Electronic Texts

College Physics for Students of Biology and Chemistry
Online text in physics written by Kenneth R. Koehler of Raymond Walters College is designed for first-year undergraduate physics students. It covers mechanics, fluids, electricity, magnetism, atomic physics, nuclear physics, thermodynamics, and wave physics at an introductory level, and each chapter includes numerous examples and problems. A working knowledge of algebra is required.
Visual Quantum Mechanics
The Visual Quantum Mechanics project, funded by the National Science Foundation, involves the development of instructional units that introduce quantum physics to students who do not have a background in modern physics or higher level math. The instructional units integrate interactive computer programs and digital multimedia with inexpensive materials and written documents in an activity-based environment. Most of the programs require Macromedia's Shockwave Player plug-in software to be running on your web browser.

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Professional Societies

American Institute of Physics
The American Institute of Physics (AIP) is a not-for-profit membership corporation chartered in New York State in 1931 for the purpose of promoting the advancement and diffusion of the knowledge of physics and its application to human welfare.
American Physical Society
The American Physical Society represents more than 40,000 members in the arena of national, international, and governmental affairs. A major professional organization in physics, it publishes prestigious physics research journals, conducts over 20 national, divisional and regional meetings every year, and develops and implements effective programs in physics education and outreach. It also sponsors the Physics Central web site as a public education tool.

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