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Educational Resource Organizations Directory
Provided by the U.S. Department of Education this website links to almost 3,000 educational organizations. Searchable by state/territory, or by type of organization. Information provided includes name, contact person, phone numbers, email address,website address and mail address for organizations spanning from child care to higher education.
Grades: PreK - 12

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Bibliographies and Research Guides

Curriculum Resources for Lesson Planning
An introduction to the PreK-Grade 12 resources available in the Curriculum Materials Center of the Cheng Library. It also suggests strategies for finding additional resources.
Grades: PreK - 12

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ERIC - Educational Resources Information Center
"ERIC is a national information system funded by the U.S. Department of Education's Institute of Education Sciences to provide access to education literature and resources." Includes articles and documents on education-related topics. Search the ERIC database from here, or from the Library's database page.
Grades: PreK - 12
Kraus Curriculum Development Library
Curriculum guides, educational frameworks, teaching activities, assessment techniques and standards for all subjects from PreK-12. Search by keyword, curriculum area, grade level, etc. Many resources are available full-text online. Available to William Paterson community only.
Grades: PreK - 12
World Book Online
Online version of the World Book Encyclopedia also includes an atlas, a dictionary, as well as a version for young children and a Spanish student encyclopedia.
Grades: 2 - 12

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Lesson Plans and Teaching Activities

Busy Teachers' Cafe
Find activities for teaching theme units, many other teaching activities and strategies, printables and other resources. Many literacy instructional activities and classroom management ideas. Developed by Erika Gomez-Schanne, a teacher in Passaic, NJ. Some advertisements.
Grades: K - 6
From the National Endowment for the Humanities, this site contains lesson plans for a variety of subjects in the humanities (arts & culture, foreign languages, history & social studies, literature & language arts) and identifies valuable humanities web sites and educational news.
Grades: K - 12
Education World
A comprehensive site which call itself "The Educator's Best Friend." Major sections for Teachers, Administrators, Lesson Plans, Technology, Professional Development, and the Education World Community. Includes Tools and Templates, resources by Subjects, Worksheets, Holiday activities, Standards and recommendations for improving School Climate.
Grades: PreK - 12
Gateway to 21st Century Skills
The Gateway was developed by the U.S. Department of Education. Now supported by the National Education Association, the Gateway provides access to the lesson plans and other teaching resources from over 750 organizations. All are evaluated for authoritativeness, quality, and availability.
Grades: PreK - 12
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators
Sponsored by DiscoveryEducation, this award-winning subject guide by Kathy Schrock has links to web resources in many subject areas. Teacher Helpers includes links to information on rubrics, bulletin boards and webquests.
Grades: PreK - 12
McRel Lesson Plans
This selection of lesson plans is divided by broad academic subjects, then by topic. While most were created by McRel staff, some are selected from other online resources. McRel (Mid-Continent Research for Education and Learning) is a private, nonprofit corporation that translates the best of education research into practice.
Grades: K - 12
PBS Teachers: Resources for the Classroom
In addition to its high quality video programming PBS also provides teaching resources for PreK to Grade 12. Search by grade level then subject area to get links to lesson plans, curriculum units, games, videos and a variety of teaching activities.
Grades: PreK - 12
WebQuests, developed by Bernie Dodge at San Diego State University, are a teaching strategy for engaging learners to apply higher level thinking to authentic problems. QuestGarden is an online authoring tool designed to make it easier and quicker to create a high quality WebQuest. A free 30-day trial of the lesson creation tools is available, and a 2-year subscription that offers additional features costs only $20.
Grades: K - 12
Smithsonian Education
Created by the Smithsonian Center for Education and Museum Studies this website provides lesson plans and other resources from the Smithsonian Institute. Searchable by keyword, grade level, subject area or standards, the resources range from activity sheets, photos, videos and across all subject areas.
Grades: PreK - 12

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Other Resources

Content Knowledge
Developed by McREL (Mid-continent Regional Educational Laboratory) this is a compendium of content standards and benchmarks for K-12 education. Searchable by subject, grade, topic or text, this resource has compiled content standards from professional education associations, government agencies and other educational organizations.
Grades: PreK - 12
National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS)
National Board Certification is an advanced teaching credential that complements, but does not replace, a state’s teacher license. It is achieved by successful completion of a voluntary assessment program that recognizes teachers who meet high standards. This website provices standards information for each of the 25 certificates currently offered by NBPTS.
Grades: PreK - 12
New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards (NJCCCS)
Link to the current (2009), as well as previous versions (1996 and 2004) of the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards(NJCCCS).
Grades: K - 12

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