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Voyager Location Codes

Item Type IDItem Type CodeItem Type NameItem Type Display
25 AVEquip E- AVEquip AVEquip
19 AVSoftware M- AVSoftware AVSoftware
17 AudioCD M- AudioCD AudioCD
16 AudioCass M- AudioCass AudioCass
2 Book T- Book Book
5 BookDisk T- BookDisk BookDisk
28 Boombox E- Boombox Boombox
26 Camcorder E- Camcorder Camcorder
27 CassRec E- CassRec CassRec
48 DATRec E- DATRec DATRec
52 DVCAMCORDE E- DV Camcorder DV Camcorder
53 DVDPlayer E- DVD Player DVD Player
51 DATAPROJ E- Data Projector Data Projector
33 DigitalCam E- DigitalCam DigitalCam
29 Easel E- Easel Easel
62 ebook M- ebook Electronic Book
65 ejournal M- ejournal Electronic Journal
30 ExtCord E- ExtCord ExtCord
18 Film M- Film Film
37 ResMedia E- Headphones Headphones
11 HistMap T- HistMap HistMap
66 Hobart E- HobartEquipment Hobart Equipment
67 ILL Book T- ILL-Book ILL Book
15 JuvRef T- JuvRef JuvRef
6 Juvenile T- Juvenile Juvenile
24 Laptop E- Laptop Laptop
21 LaserDisc M- LaserDisc LaserDisc
63 Book-McNau T- Book-McNaughton Leisure Lounge
50 LightKit E- LightKit LightKit
68 Manuscript T- Manuscript Manuscript
9 Map T- Map Map
49 Microphone E- Microphone Microphone
7 NJDoc T- NJDoc NJDoc
8 NJDocNC T- NJDocNC NJDoc Non-Circ
39 NJHistory T- NJHistory NJHistory
31 OHProj E- OHProj Overhead Projector
32 PA E- PA PA
44 Periodical T- Periodical Periodical
61 Realia M- Realia Realia
46 Record M- Record Record
12 RefMicro M- RefMicro RefMicro
45 RefSoftwar M- RefSoftwar RefSoftwar
4 Reference T- Reference Reference
23 ResSoft M- ReserveSoftware Reserve Software
55 ReserveACD M- ReserveAudioCD ReserveAudioCD
54 ReserveAC M- ReserveAudioCassette ReserveAudioCassette
40 ReserveBk T- ReserveBk ReserveBk
41 ReserveCpy T- ReserveCpy ReserveCpy
56 ReserveDVD M- ReserveDVD ReserveDVD
57 ReserveFlm M- ReserveFilm ReserveFilm
58 ReserveLD M- ReserveLaserDisc ReserveLaserDisc
59 ReserveRec M- ReserveRecord ReserveRecord
42 ReserveRef T- ReserveRef ReserveRef
60 ReserveVid M- ReserveVideo ReserveVideo
3 Score T- Score Score
34 Screen E- Screen Screen
35 SlideProj E- SlideProj SlideProj
47 Software M- Software Software
38 SpecColl T- SpecColl SpecColl
43 Supplies E- Supplies Supplies
13 TeachAid T- TeachAid TeachAid
14 Textbook T- Textbook Textbook
10 Thesis T- Thesis Thesis
20 VideoCass M- VideoCass VideoCass
64 Website M- Website Website
36 WirelesLap E- Wireless Laptop Wireless Laptop
1 review review review